Having Patience

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“The obsession with instant gratification blinds us from our long-term potential.” – Mike Dooley

Everyone talks about the daily grind. It’s almost become cliché. People think that, instead of taking a step back to allow the process to work, they can speed up their success by pushing and pushing. Breaking down barriers and working hard is absolutely necessary, but eventually, you will run into a wall that you can’t break.

You see it all the time. Someone gains traction, then disappears. They go back to running on autopilot for a few years. They make some money, they break some records, and then, the pressure gets to them. Ultimately, they exhaust themselves to the point of no return.

They tire out.

They break down.

They give up.

Instead of having the patience to allow their hard work to bear fruit, they want everything now, not later. They sow seeds just to dig them up and replace them every other day.

Let the seeds sprout. Let your hard work run its course. You can’t expect instant gratification, regardless of how hard you work. It just takes time before you can reap the rewards of your effort. Don’t be afraid to take a step out of a work-addicted lifestyle and give your success time.

Success is like a fire; if you feed it too fast with too many things, it will be smothered. Give it time to digest the fuel that you are pouring into it, and it will flourish.

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