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  • Thank you for taking the time to share your amazing story with Team MacDill. Events like LIFTx, with speakers like you, are exactly what we need at this time of tribulation for our nation's military. Resiliency is a constant goal and your message that resiliency is not something you say but something you are and what you do greatly resonated. Your words and motivation will play a huge part in creating that needed change of culture to combat the war we are fighting against an invisible enemy. You have my deepest appreciation for every sacrifice you have made and the support you show for our Airmen.

    Stephen P. Nelson Colonel, USAF
  • Since knowing David, a few words pop into mind immediately. Authentic, Passionate, and Leader! When I had the opportunity to see him speak, it was evident that he was truly excited and passionate about helping others succeed and sharing his expertise. His energy is contagious on his weekly radio show "Auto Dealer Live." If you haven't had the opportunity to work with or meet David yet, then you should!

    Chelsea Krost
    Chelsea Krost Millennial Expert, Marketing Consultant, Linkedin Instructor, Speaker
  • David Villa did a great job on one consistent message...Culture Change. Very happy DriveCentric could attend to share in this session.

    Steve Roessler
    Steve Roessler DriveCentric / VP of Sales
  • I've known David as a friend, colleague and service provider for my business. David in particular knows the specifics of the automotive market inside and out and services dealerships nationwide. He is intense in his pursuit of perfection and delivering products that optimize the success of his clients.

    Victor Barousse
    Victor Barousse Vice President of Member Care at Go To Nations
  • David is great leader to his team and in the automotive/marketing industry. A man of integrity and a man of discipline, he takes his business and yours seriously. I've had the pleasure of getting to know David for the past year and I'm honored to have someone like him in my circle of business associates and friends. David will succeed at whatever he does because failure is not an option.

    Walter Hayes V
    Walter Hayes V Internet Sales Director at McLarty Daniel Automotive
  • David Villa leads a life and organization that is dedicated to servant leadership. Lead or Be Lunch is an excellent example of David’s wildly successful and authentic leadership style.

    Lisa Copeland
    Lisa Copeland CEO/Founder Cars Her Way™
  • I have had a front row seat not only when David speaks or writes but when he has been in action as a CEO, leader, and most impressively in the trenches with his team. Thank you David for allowing all of us to walk away better after reading “Lead or Be Lunch”.

    David Cribbs
    David Cribbs Host of the weekly Real Estate Show