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Lead Or Be Lunch: The Power of Earning Influence

As a leader, your job is to grow your business, while also helping others find success beyond what they think is possible. Being a good leader is the most important part of having an engaged and productive team and in order to become a motivated and thoughtful leader, there are specific challenges and actions that will be required of you before you’re able to meet your goal.

Many of us face obstacles on a daily basis that seem insurmountable, however we’ve been equipped with the ability to accomplish success and reach the finish line. Look at your hands…what’s in them? What are you holding? If it’s your own unique style and this book, then I assure you it is all you need to get started.

Race to The Finish Line: Gaining and Retaining Your Competitive Advantage

This book will help you gain position on your competition and stay there. A terrific line-up of experts from many fields combined to package the best strategies to drive you to the front of the pack. Crossing the finish line will be much easier for those who read this book.


First and foremost, a Christ-follower. As a believer this means giving all glory to God for my success.


Available for speaking engagements. Covering topics in the areas of Sales, Leadership, Culture, and more.


Author of “Lead Or Be Lunch: The Power of Earning Influence” and co-author of “Race to the Finish Line”.


Providing training expertise in the areas of Sales, Leadership, Company Culture and more.